Our Mission

We at The Valli Girls believe in a traditional way of eating. We source our products from sustainable farms. The well-being and ethical treatment of the animal is equally important to us as the food it is fed. We guarantee our meats are drug and hormone free. Our meats come from local farms throughout Ontario only. The farmers we have chosen are as passionate as we are about meat and our future. In order to preserve our future, we need to preserve these farms. Eating healthy is not only a choice, but a lifestyle.

About Anna

I was a vegetarian for about 16 years. When my twin daughters were born I knew they would need to eat meat. I was faced with a dilemma. I knew supermarket meat wasn’t healthy enough for them and that is when my quest began to find local drug and hormone free meat. I spent my weekends shopping at farmer markets and from one farmer’s gate to another. I literally shopped the entire weekend. I soon realized there were more mom’s like me out there, mom’s that wouldn’t sacrifice convenience for health. And so the seed was planted and three years later “The Valli Girls Drug & Hormone Free Meat Shop” was born.